In 1990, Congress created the Immigrant Investor Program to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. The current regulations as of 2016 require a minimum investment of $500,000 in order to qualify for the green card for yourself and members of your family.

Many people have often wondered whether it was worth it investing $500,000 and above in the USA economy with such a comparative low returns on investment, compared to the high rates of return in most developing countries like Nigeria or other blossoming economies like China.

We believe that the EB-5 Investment option actually has many side advantages and benefits that far out-weigh the return on investment that foreigners will get for investing their money in the U.S.A Economy.

Some of the Major Reasons why many investors are rushing to get the Green Cards for themselves and members of their family, regardless of the rate of return, include the following benefits that cannot be found in other economies.

  1. Green Card For All Members Of The Family:

The EB-5 investor visa program enables foreigners, who make an investment in a U.S. business, to obtain a green card and become lawful permanent residents, and eventually citizens, of the United States, along with their spouses and children.

This provides UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to the U.S for the investor and his family and a pathway to U.S Citizenship. We all know the annoyance and embarrassment many prominent people and their children are subjected to just to get a visiting visa TO the USA.

For many the benefits of this cannot be calculated in monetary terms, particularly those who live in unstable economies.

  1. Children Eligibility For State Or Domestic Tuition Fee And Access To Student Loans.

EB-5 permits investors to provide high-quality college and university education to their children at a minimal cost. Children of EB-5 Investors actually become eligible for USA School grants, Scholarships and even student’s loans immediately they arrive in the USA.

This option alone can save the investor up to $80,000 a year in school fees per child who otherwise would have paid tuition as foreign students and not eligible for school grants.

For example, I have had a client who had 5 children. He decided to send 3 of them to school in the USA, and instead of the annual fee of $60,000 per child for the school 3 of the children attended, he only paid $4,000 for each year because of school grants and scholarships as well as state resident fees for the children. He basically saved $56,000 per year per child.

Over a 4year period, that savings on the 3 children for schooling in the USA was close to $800,000. This is apart from the other benefits the children get for living in the USA as residents (i.e. Good Medical Access etc.)

  1. Ability Of Family To Live And Work In The USA

As permanent residents, the immigrant investors and their family members can live and work anywhere in the US and run their own proprietary businesses.

Most visas to the USA does not allow the foreigner to work. With the EB-5 Visa, all qualified members of the family can work anywhere in the USA and also start their business anywhere they choose without limitations.

For those seeking a stable environment to work or run their businesses, the USA Govt provides a conducive environment for EB-5 Investors and their children.

  1. Access To Business Loans And Financial System of the United States

For those in business, this benefit can far outweigh the return on investment on the actual investment.

As a green card holder, you will get the opportunity to develop credit for yourself and your business to the point where you can access business loans at ridiculously low rates of 4% - 6% that you can use for your business in your native country if you so choose.

The American financial system works more with the personal credit worthiness which can be built in less than a year with proper care. Once you have built your personal and business credit, it is a fairly easy thing to borrow money form the U.S economy with virtually no collateral.

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Dr Ope Banwo is an experienced Attorney, Multiple Author, Motivational Speaker, Digital Marketing Coach and Corporate Consultant

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